Over 55s Group

One of the ladies who attends the over 55s Club, has written a poem about Covid to express how she is feeling at the moment.

‘Covid 19, you came like a sneak thief in the night!

You damaged the world over night, and what a disastrous mess you have left behind.

You have affected so many peoples lives and taken away their prize delights, their sons, daughters, mums and dads.

Age didn’t matter, you took the old, the young!

No body trusts you, your like the plague, no body wants you because you make them so ill.

But we are all now getting a jab, an infection that makes you ill Covid, something to stop you and halt you in your tracks and to send you back where you came from.

Even the devil wants you, so Covid I hope you get hunted down and stopped.

You owe thousands of people such great prices that you will not be able to repay what you took away from families.

They say time is a healer but its hard to heal something that’s not there and can’t be seen.

Covid you had better go and live some where in the outer hemisphere!!

They may like you there!!

But who KNOWS.’

By Eve

Prior to Covid, the group ran twice a week, on a Tuesday and a Friday from 10-3pm

The morning would start with a cup of tea, coffee and biscuits and a good chat. Then we would move onto a morning activity, which can range from fun interactive games to get the brain stimulated. Visiting entertainers, dancing, exercise classes and arts and crafts. We will then break for a glass of sherry, followed by a 2 course lunch, coffee and a chocolate. After lunch we will have another activity and finish off with cake and a drink before going home.

The group is a very friendly fun group, if you would like to make new friends, have a fun day call Sue at Baildon Community link 01274 588681