Welcome to the website for Baildon Community Link. Many of the day-to-day activities of Baildon Community Link are covered within our facebook page so please follow us there. There you will find entries for events and you can join in some of the conversations.

Please use the menu to navigate some of the broad topics covered by the website – such things as Youth, People, The Link and Timetable

One of the downsides of facebook is that information can be quickly lost as new entries are made. Therefore the purpose of this website is to provide information that doesn’t change quickly over time. We will try to keep the information on here up to date but people and plans do change so if your initial contact using the information under a particular subject doesn’t seem to work please feel free to contact us direct.

The website has an entry for many of the activities the Baildon Community Link is involved in. You can see these by viewing the Activities category and view the Timetable to see when these activities take place. Note that not all activities have regular, planned dates and so the Timetable may not have an entry for all activities.