Youth Group

Baildon Community Link youth group is for young people aged between 10 and 14 years. Please follow The Link Facebook page for information about activities during lockdown. Contact 01274 588681

‘Normal’ Youth Club and Drop in! (Pre Covid!)

Monday 5.15-7.15pm

This is a drop in session, where each young person can come and catch up with friends, chill and be themselves. Each week a variety of games are provided and the young people can choose what they would like to do. This includes; games, table tennis, listening to music, gymnastics, quick bakes and a variety of games. They can also enjoy Hot chocolate and toast each week!

Tuesday Youth Club 5.15-7.15 pm

This is a more structured session where the young people get to play games, develop friendships and try lots of new exciting things! They have tie dyed t-shirts, made 3 course meals, talent shows, movie nights, dinners out, made go karts (and raced them!) to name a few . Each term we listen to the young people’s ideas and then create an thrilling schedule for them.